Corporate After-Dinner Mind Reader Cabaret Show

As a professional corporate entertainer I can provide a stand-up cabaret show for your event. In fact I have two completely different shows (as well as lots of other short bits – great for when I’m asked to compere and host events!) With a variety of package options and lengths these shows can be tailored to fit your event to perfection.

The shows are full of comedy, and suitable for all ages; but it has been produced primarily for the corporate after-dinner sector. From 5 minutes to two 45 minutes halves; and from 7 people (yes, really – and I was one of them!) to hundreds. The shows’ adaptability means that they can be customised to your individual needs and requirements.

It isn’t just limited to corporate events, and I’ve performed cabaret at private parties, Christmas dinners, anniversaries, as well as played public theatres and ticketed events; and a whole host of other occasions with friends and families gathering to enjoy themselves.

Robert Bone Corporate Mind Reading Cabaret

Demonstrator of Extra-Sensory Curiosities

The first show is called “Robert Bone – Demonstrator of Extra-Sensory Curiosities” and has a modern contemporary feel to it. However, does not contain big illusions, doves, dancing girls, sequins, frilly shirts and grinning assistants. It does contain fantastic mind reading and features plenty of interaction with the audience as a whole.

He demonstrated a well-filled arsenal of skills and techniques, allowing him to bombard the audience with prestige that virtually all hit their intended targets.

Newbury Weekly News

The show will engage your guests through-out with a combination of mind-reading and magic. It will stun your audience, and leave them entertained and talking long after the show.

Games Night!

The second show is called Games Night, and was developed due to demand for repeat shows.

Over the course of the show various childhood games are revisited – to get to an amazing conclusion. Along the way I play the audience at a games of Noughts & Crosses, Which Hand, Guess Who and even the Rubik Cube. To say this is interactive is an understatement. And the end will blow you away with a multi-layered finish that will simply blow you away.

To be honest I’m quite proud of this show. It took about four years to develop from the original idea. This isn’t just a bunch of tricks loosely based around a theme. It has to be seen to be believed – and even then you probably won’t believe what you’ve just seen.

Giving the Audience a Show They’ll Remember

In all my shows interaction with the audience is required, as is the occasional helper; but at no time is anyone made to look foolish or ridiculed. This interaction brings the magic closer to the hearts and minds of your audience, and raises it above the traditional style of “watch the magician show off”. In fact, often it is the spectators who do the mind-reading.

[He] had a delightfully affable air that appeared to make his participants feel relaxed, and an easy charm.

Newbury Weekly News
Performing on board the Azura, P&O Cruises
Performing on board the Azura, P&O Cruises

Depending on the type of event you are organising I can also perform close-up magic prior to the show to help make the whole event truly magical.

This can be combined in a package designed to fit your requirements, and entire evening packages are available. This can include mingling with guests on arrival, circulating around the dinner tables, then finishing with the full mind-reading cabaret.

He has a quirky persona that deserves to be seen by a larger audience.

Newbury Weekly News

Contact me now to discuss how I can make your event a magical occasion. Email or call direct on 07930 420 257.

Performing Cabaret for Virgin Media
Performing Cabaret for Virgin Media